Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Camping weekend

We went to Nerstrand Big Woods to camp on the way to Kiera Ryann's "bath"atism. We hiked for about 2 hours but the rain was putting a damper on our activities.

Gpa Bill's Birthday present

For Gpa Bill's birthday we used some clay to mold things that reminded us of him and then we painted them when they dried. Sage made a caterpillar because Gpa brought a huge caterpillar with spikes on his back to our house. Brody made a frog. Julia made a dragonfly. Corbin was asleep so mommy made a cannon for him to paint later because he likes to shoot the pop guns with gpa and popguns were too hard to make. Here's the pictures. Brody even painted his head orange... thank goodness he's bald! Much easier to clean a bald head.

Julia said...

Julia has very distinct reasons why she won't get married.

#1 She's not getting married cause you have to go to the hospital...to have a baby and she won't go to the hospital.

#2 She's not getting married cause she's going to be a kid forever and live with daddy & I cause she's not having kids, not gonna be a grandma & DEFINITELY not gonna be an old lady! She will live her whole life as a kid and die a kid.