Thursday, April 2, 2015

Spring Baby Love

Well, it's been a great couple of months for us! We've been so excited for our first spring to welcome babies onto our farm. We started out with our bottle lambs from last year delivering babies of their own this winter! We got 11 lambs from those sweet bottle lambs from last year! We had 3 sets of twins & 5 singles. The kids had great fun naming them. The deal we made was that each one got to name the lambs from their ewe. There were some definite themes going on!
  Sage named Scooby's lamb Gabriel (he's perfectly white & looks like an angel)
  Brody named SugarMama's twins Luke & Bennett after his cousin & friend
    Oreo also had twins but they were premature & died shortly after birth.
  Julia named Chocolate Sprinkles' twins Olaf & Sven
  Corbin named Cowgirl's twins TumTum & Shivers
  Celeste named Cinderella's lamb Flynn Ryder (all her animals have Disney names)
  Glory & I named Hershey Kisses' lamb Reese's Pieces

Olaf got to spend a week in our living room because he was so tiny & he couldn't figure out how to suck. He's our bottle baby this year. 

We also added a couple more bottle babies except these aren't lambs. We got our first bottle calves. Julia & Corbin will be showing bottle calves at the fair this year. We now have 2 holstein steers named Marshmellow (yes, spelled Mellow) & Cordona Stumpy. Corbin named his after his favorite John Wayne movie characters.

This brings the count to:
  3 horses: April, Daisy & Maggie
  4 peacocks: Peaches & 3 boys
  4 steers: Tank & Duke (Angus & cross) & Marshmellow & Cordona
  1 Ram: Ramalamadingdong
  11 ewes: Sugar Mama, Cinderella. Granny, Oreo, Cowgirl, Cowgirl Colt, Emerald, Sprinkles, Kisses, Scooby, & Snickers
  6 lambs: Reese, Flynn, Olaf, Sven, Gabriel, & Luke
  1 dog: Buzz
  6 cats: Nermal, Snowflake, Snowball, Pirate, Boomer, & Ariel
  2 rabbits: Lily & Oliver 
  ~120 roosters & laying hens

I think our little hobby farm is off & running. My sister asked me how I was doing all this. Obviously I grew up just as "city" as she did. Well, I've read a lot, learned by trial & error, attended a few classes that Iowa State Extension office has offered & we ask our neighbors, relatives & friends a lot of questions. We are having a blast learning & playing.