Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Baby love

This is my 8th pregnancy. I have 6 beautiful/handsome children to show for all the work and one coming the end of July or beginning of Aug. Some people have dubbed me a professional just because of the numbers but I don't feel that way. Every pregnancy and baby are so different that I don't feel like you could be a professional. I do think that with each pregnancy I've gotten more aware of my babies both in utero & after they're in my arms. I know that with each successive child I've become more grateful for each little kick & roll I feel. I revel in their tiny ears, the squishy heels, the way their tongues work while eating, the accomplishment of fists grabbing at and stuffing one cereal piece in their chubby cheeks. Watching & listening to my 18mo old child finally figuring out verbal communication & the adorable words they come up with as their vocabulary develops (like "tittle"-tiny & little or "pretembering"-pretending & remembering).  These are the things I'd like to bottle and keep for later when I have more time to just sit & contemplate. But let's be serious. I have lots of laundry, dishes, etc to attend to. So, for now, I'll try to take a snap shot in my mind before I hurry off to the next task. But if you see me stare off in the distance with a goofy smile on my face, just know I'm trying to store a memory for later ~ I'm not crazy.