Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I left last Friday to go stay with Aubrey and help while she's on bed rest. I got to see my mom for a day before she flew out and I had a nice time with my niece & nephew (Aub & Nick, too). Please, if you think about it, pray for my sister. She's not used to going any speed but really FAST and it's hard to lay still when you feel fine. I got back from Aubrey's house on Wednesday night after driving in holiday traffic for quite some time...I left Aub's at 12:37 and got home at 5:26pm! For those of you who know Minneapolis traffic, I got to go 15 mph until I was about 5 miles from the I35W south/I35 south merge! I did stop for a 1/2 hour to take care of Corbin but it was still a long trip that normally takes 4 hrs at the most.

It's been nice to be home but I must admit that not having Sage here creates quite a hole. Sage got to go with Gma Glenna, Gpa Bill, & Gma Sparks to Kansas City to see Aunt Opal, Lance, & Uncle Steve. I am glad he's having a great time (probably being really spoiled!!!) but I'll also be really glad when he gets home. I haven't been gone from any of my kids for so long before. 

Our day consisted of a quick trip to Cub Foods (so I could get dinner supplies we were missing), high stakes checkers games, playing outside with the neighbors' grandkids, cooking & eating, book reading, & lots of loving. Tomorrow I was thinking of putting up the Christmas decorations but I think I'll wait for Sage to get home now. Maybe I'll hit all the sales tomorrow ;)

I hope your day was full of people to be thankful for!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Fall Leaf Elves

Guess what I found in the leaves at the park...a bunch of leaf elves! Aren't they cute! Of course I did find a very tall giant who uses whole trees as swords!

Friday, November 7, 2008


We are green today! We spent the day at the doctor's office for Corbin's 1 year check up (4 shots & finger stick), Julia's 4 year check up (4 shots, hearing check, & vision check), Sage & Brody's flu mist, 3 strep cultures to check to see if these angels are carriers & my allergy & flu shots! Can you believe we were only at the clinic for 2 hours? Corbin was already feeling yucky because we tried just a little bit of cheese the last 2 days and his stomache was not liking it...we're pretty sure he's allergic to milk. Just 1 minute after I took him out of his high chair from a fussy dinner of mandarin oranges (bad idea but that's all he wanted and he begged for it when he saw Julia's) he threw up all over me, the couch and carpet. Thank you, Daddy for cleaning that up while I cleaned us up! You're wonderful! Now I'm feeling just a little bit nauseous myself so I figured you wouldn't want a picture to be posted. Hoping your day was better than mine!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Corbin's 1st birthday!

I can't believe it's his 1st birthday already. He's so sweet! Everyone comments on his smile because it's always present. He has all of his teeth (minus 2) even his molars and he loves to chase his siblings. He really likes brooms; so what did he get for his birthday? Sweepin' Sam of course. He was very lucky to have Gma Glenna, Gpa Bill. Aunt Aubrey, Uncle Nick, Christian, & Ava attend his special birthday dinner tonight. Corbin says just a couple of words so far: UhOh! Dada, brother (bwuwu), Julia (Doo-yuh), Goodnight (nInI) w/ a wave. NO MOMMY, can you believe it! I try really hard to to teach him too. When I say, "Corbin, say Mama." He promptly says, "DADA" and then cracks up laughing! He thinks he's so funny! He goes with the flow and is pretty patient with his brothers but has learned to voice his opinion when Julia is involved. :)