Thursday, May 5, 2011

More Easter

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Easter Celebrations

We went to Reiman Gardens to hunt eggs, see the butterflies, & look at the indoor flowers.

Corbin had all his eggs blue or green & done in 3 minutes-until he figured out he could dbl dip in many colors!

Celeste tried her hardest to color on the eggs since she couldn't touch the dye.

We had so many beautiful eggs-some looked like real bird eggs.

Julia & Brody played in the bell choir on Easter morning during the first service.

My pretty girls in their Easter dresses!

Isn't she pretty!

We had Easter dinner with Jeremy's parents.

The kids painted Easter window sun catchers while Daddy & Gma Glenna hid the eggs outside.

Gpa Bill supervised the painting & made sure no spills happened.

Celeste picked up every egg & shook it thoroughly before she would put it in her basket.

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