Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Guilty Update

As I started this blog I thought it would make life easier with staying in touch and getting down some of those things that I never take the time to do since I am not a scrap booker. Well...I am not a blogger either. Although I love to read them and get updated with my far off family I really stink at being motivated to do this. I don't have time amidst all the laundry, dr appts, cleaning, laundry, dishes, laundry, playing with the kids, laundry, diaper changes, meal prep, church, laundry, grocery shopping, errands...did I mention LAUNDRY? So, if you follow my blog I apologize but I don't like taking time from my kids to do this so you'll have to be happy with my once in awhile posts. And I just realized how much time I spend cleaning rather than playing with my kids-that will have to be remedied.
Anyway, here is a quick update since my last post. I had my birthday (no biggie). We went to St. Louis for 6 days and saw the zoo, science center, Grant's Farm, Anheuser-Busch Brewery tour, the arch, Purina Farms, took a Riverboat tour, swam in the RV park pool and lived to tell about it all. I think I got it all. Then, we had VBS where I helped lead the music & was given the head MC job for it all-totally fun! Next came Sage's 8th birthday...HOLY SMOKES! He's so great. I think he will always love animals. He has such a tender heart and is really starting to understand foreshadowing of movies, books, etc. He and Grandma Glenna have read through all the Narnia books this winter/spring and he LOVES them and can tell you all about them if asked or not. He has enough energy for 6 kids and doesn't stop moving even when he's sleeping. Jeremy and I also celebrated our 11th anniversary by going on the Boone Scenic Vally Railroad Dinner Train. A 1950's style ride that takes 2 hours through very nice scenery and over a 150 foot tall bridge. (Aubrey would have hated that bridge!) That's it. Short and sweet.


Debby said...

No guilt trips from me! I like reading it when you do update it so whenever you can please do. Don't stop just because you can't do it on a regular basis. And pictures are worth a thousand words!

Christina said...

Um, I think your birthday was a big deal! And I love reading your once in a while posts! That is cool that Sage read the Narnia books. Andy just read them in the last couple of months, being laid up with his knee. He hadn't read them before, and was totally enthralled! The problem is that I started him on those, and now nothing else I have gotten him measures up!

CJCOdell said...

I like reading updates whenever they come! Love to you all!

gb said...

Yes, your birthday was a big deal! Too bad you didn't notice. I'd like to post a picture of the frosted cake from Julia just to encourage your memory.

I can verify that Katie does all those things she listed in her blog update. She's the mom of four runners and one belly jumper, and I'm very proud to tell you that she's well loved and plenty busy. She even takes time to do things for another generation while taking care of the younger generation.

Maybe Katie should let me post some of her entries or here's a better idea, let me do some of the laundry.

The next book I want to read to Sage is "City Under the Back Steps." I've checked it out from the library twice but we've been too busy to read for an extended period of time. At this rate, it might be September before we get to see how much he loves it.