Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sundance Kid

Here is the picture of the kids after breakfast with Sundance. Brody challenged him to many quick draw contests and Julia got dolled up in dresses, all 15 or so bracelets, necklaces, and about 12 bows in her hair, eye shadow and lipgloss before heading out to look for him wherever we were. He talked to her all about his little sister (5) who has a pink saddle for her horse and that immediately endeared him to her. That and the fact that he noticed her pink cowgirl boots and pretty hair. She is all fashion and her love language is definitely words of encouragement. We could be in for it if any teenage boys figure this out later in life. To be fair, Julia did catch the fancy of Wild Bill and Wyatt Earp also. She is a very beautiful girl and they loved to listen to her talk in her little pixie voice.
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gb said...

Can we think of three more names from the wild, wild west? It looks like there are three more admirers who light up cowboy boots! So glad the cowkids had some smiles from their adventure to their Labor Day Camp out!