Friday, February 4, 2011

Cookie Baking Personalities

The personalities of your kids are never more evident than when you do something all at the same time. Sage (9) was done with his owl mosaic in less than 2 minutes. I barely had enough time to get the camera from my bedroom. Julia was methodical & focused. Brody actually touched cookie dough for the first time in his life & spent at least 20 minutes constructing a pizza. The dough we used was bought from a school fundraiser from one of the neighbor kids & was the most beautiful, bright colored dough I've ever seen! It also makes baby's tongues & diapers very bright (hehehehe). Celeste would only eat the red dough. Corbin just loved rolling it out over & over with the rolling pins, which apparently I need more of because 2 is just not enough when you have 5 children. We had to share or get creative. I seem to remember using glasses or jelly jars at my gma's house as a child.
Corbin's duck (above) & his train (below, upper right). In the middle of the pan below is Sage's owl mosaic.
Julia was very proud of her faces on her hearts & flowers!
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