Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Julia's birthday & 1st ballet class

Our sweet Julia turned 4 years old last Thursday! She is a total princess & loves all things pink, shoes & purses! After a lovely lunch with Gma Glenna & Gpa Bill we had castle cake & opened gifts. Then, after dinner she got to do something she's been begging for for months...go to her very 1st DANCE CLASS! She was so precious in her pink leotard, tutu, and bun. It just made my heart so full watching her learn shuffle steps, plies, & relivees (sp?). She was so cute and so were the other 13 girls in her class. Thank you to all our family for sending her mail throughout the month. She got at least 2 envelopes a day to open to reveal her treasures.
Julia is full of joy & smiles. She is always looking for the beauty in everything. One of her hugs can brighten any sad moment!


Christina said...

Welcome to the blog world. I love mine! Julia looks adorable, and I am GLAD she liked the letters!

CJCOdell said...

Julia you look beautiful! I am glad that you are using your talent of dance! Enjoy learning all your new steps and keep practicing!

gb said...

Julia dances every day! Being a princess in a castle with princes certainly sets her apart from her siblings. I've enjoyed being with her during the times she has been one, two, and three. Now, at four, Julia will adventure a little further from the castle and I want to be tagging along. It's fun to be her grandmother. One thing I do is help protect her blanket from Grandpa's desire to put his head on her "blankie." See you soon, Julia!