Thursday, December 11, 2008

philosophical questions from a 7 year old

So, yesterday I got a small break while the 3 littles took 2 1/2 hr. naps! Totally amazing! But while they were sleeping Sage had to figure out what to do. He had to stay in his room for 1 hr. but after awhile he came down & announced to me that he had prayed 12 times for God to turn his teddy bear into a nice monster that ate garbage so that he could take care of something real. After another hour I found him sitting on a stool in front of the Christmas tree & crying. When I asked him what was wrong he told me that he had prayed 12 times and God still hadn't answered his prayers. So...we got to have a discussion on the fact that just because you pray doesn't mean God will say yes every time. Very disheartening for a little boy who thinks that this is a great idea so why wouldn't God want to do it? (This picture is of Sage with his cousin Luke in the hog confinement last September)

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