Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy Birthday, Gma Glenna

~Yesterday was Grandma Glenna's birthday and we got to celebrate at Hickory Park Restaurant after church. When asked what they love best about their grandma, these were the replies: Sage- reads us stories, lets us do fun things like build traps for the bunnies, & she lets us spend the night...Just everything! Brody-she lets me sleep in the bunk bed and in her room, she lets me have swords, she lets me watch TV, & I just love 'er very much and that's it. Julia-she lets me play outside, she lets me sleep in the bunkbed (on the top sometimes), & I love her, love her, love her, and she paints my nails, and she watches Jon & Kate + 8 with me. We all love that grandma takes us on interesting field trips, introduces us to Mr Clark (Julia's best friend), fosters our creativity, fixes our favorite foods, is always available when we want to stop by for a chat or to play.  We are so glad to have her as a major influence in our lives!~

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CJCOdell said...

Thanks, Kids, for the nice things you said about why you like Gma Glenna. It's taken me until the 12the January to read your blog - didn't know I was missing such a great compliment and is a perfect way for me to begin a new day! I've got to get my gmail account moving toward this site more often. Seems the fun doesn't stop when you leave my house and go home. I'll miss 6/7 of your activities if I don't check in more than once a week. Have a sweet day! Grandma loves you all the time.