Saturday, January 3, 2009

Snow forts

December 25th, Jeremy, Sage, Brody & Christian built a huge snow fort in the front yard and here are the pictures! Jeremy stayed outside an hour longer than the littles; probably reliving his childhood.


Christina said...

Looking through the pictures, I thought Jeremy looked like the biggest kid of all! I think both of us just married kids in men's bodies! Keeps life fun, though!

Mari Bryant- Marks said...

How fun for them. What a great dad!

KFallsJustin said...

There is a lot involved in making a snow fort "safe" for children. I applaud Jeremy for taking the extra hour to make sure his children's fort was properly reinforced.

CJCOdell said...

It's Gma Glenna instead of JLO; I've gotten to visit your blog through the porthole of another. Oh, yes, I could tell you a lot of stories about snow forts. The JDB boy in my life loved to build them - often and many. There were snow forts in the front yard and back yard. Some were as high as the garage roof and others as wide as the front yard. I don't remember as many hours being spent in the forts as the hours used in making them. Just think, today, the two boys from across the street who ALSO loved to work with JDB making snow forts are making a living in the CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY. I wonder if Brock and Ben ever think about snow forts as they stand on their construction sites and view the development of steel structures.

Now back to the new generation. Yes, they are blessed with a dad who wants the best for them and knows that when life gives you snow you've gotta do something meaningful with it! Same story, different medium goes with lemons, too. JDB makes a meaningful lemonade out of most situations he encounters. He's the kind of guy you want to have in your court, backfield, family, and territory. Enjoy daddyhood, Son. Your kids are a treasure you'll always go an extra hour to provide for! gbmom