Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March happenings

Corbin got his first haircut this month. Here's the before picture above. As you can tell...he needed one badly. :) He only had to have a trim around the ears and in the back where it was getting too long. He's barely got any hair but it annoyed daddy that it went over his ears and you could grab some in the back so we trimmed. He didn't mind the process one bit.
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Debby said...

He is adorable! Bet you spend a lot of time kissing and hugging him.

gb said...

Corbin, Corbin, boy number three;
it's true, so true,
you are so sweet!
When I see so much of your daddy in you, I'm reminded that it's your mommy's love for Daddy that's made a miracle with you. Your mommy is a very blessed woman - she has one handsome husband, three adorable sons, one sweet daughter, life to give, and time to still be young! I love ALL of your family very much.