Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mayo vs. Manna

Julia & I have been attending Bible Study Fellowship this year and studying the life of Moses. Last Wednesday at dinner, Jeremy asked Julia to tell him what she had learned that morning. She began to relate the story of the Israelites complaining again about the fact that all they had to eat was manna and they liked the food better back in Egypt. So, God gives them so much quail that they literally have it coming out their nostrils and they choke & die.

The funny thing about this is that Julia kept pronouncing manna as "man-A" which is what she calls mayonaise. So when she was done telling her story I asked if she was meaning manna or "man-A". She was saying "man-A". Since we started studying this in September, she has been assuming that the Israelites have been eating mayonaise in the desert. No wonder they were complaining. :)

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