Friday, January 1, 2010

more petting zoo

As you all know, Sage LOVES all things animals. We couldn't get him out of the petting zoo. He was supposed to sing & play the handbells but wouldn't leave the animals. He stayed in there for 2 1/2 HOURS!Posted by Picasa

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gb said...

I love these pictures of the kids with the animals. I missed the live action, as I was in The Hub watching the kids sing and ring handbells. Later I found out that the "petting zoo" was the BEST of all the rest. I do love for my grandkids to have fun, and I want to be in on more of the ACTION when they are having fun; I guess I will just "have to" follow them around to keep in the swing of things! The Petting Zoo company was from Parkersburg, Iowa, and if they make all their "STOPS" as terrific as the one at The PLEX, they'll have a great business for as long as there are kids and times to cuddle animals. What's so humble about a stable when it's filled with LOVE?