Friday, January 1, 2010

Bowling New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve the kids & I went bowling with Grandma Glenna, Aunt Jessica & cousins Cade & Joel. Julia beat all the boys & Grandma beat us all. I had lots of "help" from Corbin but we all had an interesting time. Celeste slept through it all!
That night I was so bored with everyone else sleeping but me that I decided to celebrate the Ohio New Year with Mari & headed to bed at 11pm our time. (Mari is an hour ahead in Ohio) Posted by Picasa


Debby said...

Finally caught up on your blog Katie. You certainly don't let the grass grow under your feet! Loved the Christmas celebration at your church. Got me to thinking....And do you have a future vet or animal shelter manager? Celeste is a beautiful baby as well as easy. I see she gets lots of loving.

gb said...

Happy New Year, Everybuddy! Wow! Thanks, Katie, for allowing bowling to make the Blog. All of us were "only slightly Bent(s)" for this event. The photos that aren't recorded include - dropped balls (thud), thrown overhand bowling balls (wham), slooooooow balls (waiting for the next ball to roll 'em), zig-zag down the lane balls, and just plain flop balls and flopping folks. The truth being that all of us were serious about putting the bowl down the lane in an effort to get strikes and spares - not because we know anything about getting a score, but because knocking down all the pins is the right thing to do!

Who had MORE fun than anyone else? Could have been "Katie!" She loves seeing her kids laughing and having F - U - N. Grandma Glenna is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad Katie joined the event - we would have missed a lot of fun if she had stayed home and put up her feet! Happy New Year, Everybuddy!