Tuesday, September 21, 2010

About My Kids

One of the websites that I belong to had this exercise to post the characteristics of our kids. I thought it was kinda fun after I got started so I thought I'd stick it here for you to share.

This is fun & a really good exercisewhen they're drivin' ya bonkers!

Sage is my gangly giraffe. His body is growing so fast he just can't keep up. He sings all day & sometimes while he sleeps. His imagination will take him far in life. He loves animals & following rules (totally baffles him when people don't choose the right path) He is uninhibited & joy filled! He loves books that stimulate his imagination.

Brody is fierce & intense! He loves competition & has natural sports ability. He doesn't understand teasing or jokes yet but he thinks he's awfully funny when he makes up one of his jokes that make no sense to anyone else. Brody has no fear & a high pain tolerance (can be a BAD combination). He wants to do what is right but sometimes impulsivity wins often. We've just begun meds for ADD after trying all other methods & the transformation is amazing! I can't wait to discover new character traits within Brody when we cut out all the focus & impulsivity problems.

Julia is our princess. She is very focused on the beauty around her & definintely has her own fashion sense. She will decorate the world. She loves the Bible & is fiercely loyal. She is a little mama to many people which can be misinterpreted as being bossy but I don't think she's trying to get in people's business just trying to help. She loves to be with her mama but her daddy is her true love-it's so sweet!

Corbin is my baby. He used to introduce himself as "Durbin wee-wI (Levi), Baby" (like "esquire") although lately he has informed me that he is a big boy now. He is a lover! His smiles light up not only my life but everyone else's, too. He loves to please & even though he's only going to be 3 in Nov. he carries on the most stimulating conversations! He loves Thomas the Tank Engine & for some reason is desperately afraid of elephants.

Celeste. My mom calls her Rosebud because her lips are so sweet. She looks like a doll when you take her picture. She is perfect all the time. Sometime soon I know she will probably figure out she has an opinion but I'm relishing the snuggly baby stage. I can't wait to see her personality grow!
I don't know why the picture is so grainy. It isn't on my phone or on the computer, Oh, well.

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Mari Bryant- Marks said...

I love this idea. I especially love how Corbin introduces himself!