Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vacation in Wisconsin Dells

We went to the Wisconsin Dells for a 5 day, much needed vacation. We originally went to celebrate the 3 birthdays in 2 weeks that we have. The younger 3 kids all deserved to have a fun birthday so we bid on a vacation on Ebay & won. I totally recommend it! We saved a lot of money & it was so great! We stayed at the Wilderness Resort which gave us access to 3 indoor water parks & many more ammenities that we didn't take advantage of. Our favorite park was what we called The Dome. A huge clear dome covered a wave pool that gave you the feeling of being in a warm tropical place instead of a cold, windy northern state.  It even had bananas growing on the trees inside. Corbin was recovering from hernia surgery & a cold so he spent most of his time sleeping in a chair by the pool but Celeste is just like Daddy...Total Waterbug! Not afraid one bit to get wet or go underwater. Sage loved the water but didn't want to trek up the 3 story stairs to get on the water slides (he's leery of high places & the dark tunnels of the slides). Brody & Julia, on the other hand, couldn't get enough of the slides & Jeremy was glad to accomodate their eagerness.

I loved to watch & go on the slides once or twice a day but it was fun for me to just sit. I tried to relax knowing that when we got back, I'd be in for a long road of painting & the impossible job of keeping our house clean for possible buyers. You see, we found an acreage! We've been looking for 3 years & we finally found The One! It's close to Ames, has a great house, the land has been taken care of & we are so excited. It's been my dream since I was a little girl to live on a farm & now my dream will hopefully come true in May! (I even wrote a speech in the 8th grade about how I wanted to be the wife of a pig farmer when I grew up!) My kids are excited about the animals we can have & I am ecstatic, too. Now comes the waiting game & continuous prayer for a buyer for our home!

I need to get the pictures on but they're on the other computer, so maybe tomorrow I'll remember to logon & upload those.  We'll see if I can get my phone pictures on here right now.

Julia turned 6 while I was busy painting walls when we got back home. Corbin just turned 3 on Monday & Celeste will be 1 on Saturday! For some reason, all this seems fine with me right now but the hard one for me to swallow was realizing, after dropping Julia off at gymnastics this afternoon, that Brody will be 8 at Christmas! That seems just as impossible as Sage turning 10 in June! Maybe because I didn't think Brody would live this long with his pentiant for danger but mostly because 8 feels like a turning point. Don't you think? No more excuses, he's responsible for so much. I have such a short time left with them & I intend to make it count!

And in order to do that, I better hit the hay. Good night!

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