Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy January!

I have been awfully busy as of late. I am not going to blame my busyness on our new baby but people are pretty shocked when they see me coming with my 6 kids & the never ending question is always, "How do you do it with all those kids. I only have (fill in a #) & I'm overwhelmed, going crazy," or whatever adjective they throw out there. But how can you blame a baby when all she does is eat, sleep, smile & coo? Plus, she smells fantastic & de-stresses my body just by holding her while she sleeps. No, I blame myself for our busyness. 

This winter we have 3 basketball players that had their first games last Saturday. I am the assistant coach for Julia's team, Jeremy is the assistant coach for Brody's team, & the head coach for Sage's team. Luckily they all have practice on Thursday nights & Jeremy's parents help us with child care & the player shuffle. I can't wait for the Saturday that Sage's team plays Brody's team...what will Jeremy do? Run as fast as he can with the kids up & down the court shouting at all 10 of the kids instead of just his normal 5. (Seriously, it is just as fun to watch Jeremy coach as the kids play. He hops up & down just like Sage does, hollers, etc. He's normally not a gregarious fellow in public so it's quite comical)

We have had great weather this winter. Right now the big kids are outside WITHOUT COATS!...IN JANUARY!!!! Normally it's 12 degrees w/ a negative windchill & at least 6" of frozen tundra! We are loving it although it was a bit weird to not have snow for Christmas. That old friend Mr Cabin Fever hasn't stopped by this year because we try to stay outside in the afternoon to miss his calls.

Wow, I just realized something; track with me. I have had snow every year since I moved to the midwest in 1992. Which means that I have had 19 Midwest Christmases, 18 of those being white...which means I have lived in Iowa for 17 years; longer than anywhere else. Does that mean that I'm an Iowan now? I used to always to say, " I live in Iowa but I'm from Oregon." Can I claim that now? That is so odd. You know, even though this is a foreign idea, I don't mind so much. I love Iowa. It is so great. I don't think I could choose a better place for my kids to grow up. I used to miss the mountains & the ocean (OK I STILL MISS THE OCEAN!) but now I really can see the beauty in the endless farmland, the vast green fields in spring & the varied colors said fields turn in the fall. Wow, who'd a thunk it? And since we have no plans to move any time soon, it's great that I'm content with where God has placed me.

We planned another vacation to Wisconsin Dells at the Wilderness Resort (truly, if you want a great vacation on winter buy a week on ebay-it's a great deal). This time we are going with Jeremy's parents & sister's family. In lieu of Christmas gifts we asked that we spend some time building memories together. I hope it will be just a fun for them as we have had in the past. As the kids & I were talking about it before Christmas I realized that this means that I will have to be in a swimsuit on Feb 5th. What was I thinking; well I wasn't thinking. I have much baby weight to rid myself of & I will have to be in a swimsuit. HELLLLLLOOOOOO! I've been trying to find an old fashioned swim suit like the ones they wear in Cheaper By The Dozen (the older version) but to no avail. It's not really an option to just sit in shorts on the side when you have 6 kids to look after who all (well maybe not Glory) want to be IN the water not sitting on the side watching. Luckily Sage, Julia & Brody can be by themselves for the most part & the littles have no problem wearing life jackets just in case. I am generally not a vain person. I hardly ever wear makeup except Sundays, I go to the grocery store in a pony tail & work out clothes, & I don't have any of the newest styles of clothes unless my sister Aubrey gives me her clothes she has grown tired of. But the idea of being in a swimsuit isn't a positive one in the slightest. I wish I knew when I was a teenager how good I had it.

Good grief I am rambling today. I better go check on my kids.


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Rebecca said...

Katie, a vacation to the Dells sounds sooo nice! How great that you get to do something so fun with your family!
I need to get Austin building one of those machines from Star Trek to transport me to Iowa on Thursday nights so I can watch the kids play basketball!!! How fun!!!