Saturday, November 1, 2008

Corbin's 1st birthday!

I can't believe it's his 1st birthday already. He's so sweet! Everyone comments on his smile because it's always present. He has all of his teeth (minus 2) even his molars and he loves to chase his siblings. He really likes brooms; so what did he get for his birthday? Sweepin' Sam of course. He was very lucky to have Gma Glenna, Gpa Bill. Aunt Aubrey, Uncle Nick, Christian, & Ava attend his special birthday dinner tonight. Corbin says just a couple of words so far: UhOh! Dada, brother (bwuwu), Julia (Doo-yuh), Goodnight (nInI) w/ a wave. NO MOMMY, can you believe it! I try really hard to to teach him too. When I say, "Corbin, say Mama." He promptly says, "DADA" and then cracks up laughing! He thinks he's so funny! He goes with the flow and is pretty patient with his brothers but has learned to voice his opinion when Julia is involved. :)


CJCOdell said...

Happy Birthday Corbin!

Debby said...

Wow! It's been a year already! What a sweet little guy and what a fun fun age. Happy Birthday!

gb said...

Corbin is my fifth grandbaby. He's sweet and soft, walks anywhere, puts everything in his mouth, looks for his mom to be near by, gives directions to his siblings in a code they are understanding, wrinkles his nose as he gives a smile, and settles for a grandmother when his parents need to be doing something without him. The love in my heart has melted, again, and covers grandchild #5 without skipping a beat!