Friday, November 7, 2008


We are green today! We spent the day at the doctor's office for Corbin's 1 year check up (4 shots & finger stick), Julia's 4 year check up (4 shots, hearing check, & vision check), Sage & Brody's flu mist, 3 strep cultures to check to see if these angels are carriers & my allergy & flu shots! Can you believe we were only at the clinic for 2 hours? Corbin was already feeling yucky because we tried just a little bit of cheese the last 2 days and his stomache was not liking it...we're pretty sure he's allergic to milk. Just 1 minute after I took him out of his high chair from a fussy dinner of mandarin oranges (bad idea but that's all he wanted and he begged for it when he saw Julia's) he threw up all over me, the couch and carpet. Thank you, Daddy for cleaning that up while I cleaned us up! You're wonderful! Now I'm feeling just a little bit nauseous myself so I figured you wouldn't want a picture to be posted. Hoping your day was better than mine!

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