Saturday, February 14, 2009

Funny things they say!

Happy Valentines Day!
This week I was teaching Sage about the 5W's & How so he chose the book Prince
Caspian to answer the questions about. When we got to the question of "When" his answer was, "This story happened a long time ago...before the 1980's". I didn't realize he knew about those dates as we've only talked about the year numbers when we do the calendar & at New Year's. But Brody piped in with, "Maybe it was the 1970's?" I forgot that when they sort the pennies at Grandma Glenna's they put the pennies into piles according to year and they feel the 1970's on down are really old, special pennies!


gb said...

Oh, wonderful, the pennies have given the grandkids more sense than cents! We haven't sorted them for several weeks. There is high interest in the 2000 ones - Brody loves to take those with him for his own use. The 70's go in a jdb pile; the 80's in a jlo pile; the 90's to the big jar at church for coin collection to the new site, and any older ones are for a grandma pile. Believe me, those 1950's and 1960's ones are old!

Christina said...

UGH! The 1970's weren't THAT long ago! Remember when we used to think that 30 was OLD?! Now I am thinking that 50 doesn't sound that bad!