Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Daddy Daughter Dance & Ski trip

Julia & Daddy went to the Daddy Daughter Dance at church on Sunday. Julia dressed up in her pinkest, frilliest, princess dress & we curled her hair (using MAJOR hairspray because her hair will not stay curled for longer than 5 minutes without it). Then we washed her hair out because she didn't like it - she "looked like grandma". Daddy got her a hot pink corsagge & they left for what Julia termed a "magical" evening. The cupcakes, chips, fruit snacks, light up balloons, & the DJ flown in from FL made the evening very special. They even got their pictures taken at the dance; which I'll post when we get them.

Monday, Jeremy took Brody to what Ames residents call the Boone Bump. In the neighboring town of Boone they have a little hill that they tube, snowboard, & ski down. Brody had never been skiing but he loves his snowboard that we got him 2 Christmases ago. So far he's just been able to use it on the sledding hills around town. Jeremy rented skis for him & he LOVED skiing. He is just like his dad in that generally whatever he tries turns golden. I'm going to try & put the video of him on the slope.


Debby said...

Watch out! Skiing is a major addiction...just ask my family. Dana and Dale were one of the pages in a ski calendar last year. Wish we'd got our kids into it but it costs big $$ here. It's pretty neat that you expose your kids to different things. My parents were good that way too.

Mari Bryant- Marks said...

Very impressive Brod! Why did they need a dj from Florida?