Sunday, February 1, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

I did this exercise on Facebook & I learned a lot about myself so I thought I'd better put it here.

1. I have moved 27 times, lived in 4 states, went to 3 elementary schools, 1 middle school, 3 high schools, 1 year of university, & nursing school.

2. I married my high school sweetheart & have NEVER once regretted that decision.

3. I am an extremely organized person and prefer to have everything in its place...kids are stretching me since they really don't enjoy organizing and KEEPING it that way. At least not yet, I'm still hopeful!

4. I will probably never leave the US, I'm afraid something dreadful will happen to me in another country(weird things happen to me enough-see #5).

5. I was bitten by a brown recluse spider my senior year of high school and almost died.

6. My dream is to become a nurse midwife after my kids are out of the house.

7. I LOVE mexican food!

8. I can't imagine ever not wanting another baby! I hope to have as many as God & Jeremy allow.

9. I really enjoy reading historical fiction or books about the Amish way of life.

10. I have very fond memories of camping with all my cousins & riding bikes all around the HUGE campground.

11. I actually have 5 children, my first is waiting in heaven for me. I had emergency surgery at 14.5 weeks pregnant because I had an ectopic pregnancy.

12. My dream is to adopt babies from Haiti but I'm too young; I have 3 more years to wait & a lot of money to save.

13. While I never imagined myself doing this, I am hoome schooling my kids and I actually like it most days.

14. I find my peace and calm whenever I'm near water (even a shower or bath but I'm especially talking about lakes, rivers, etc.)

15. My perfect weather temp is 72 degrees.

16. I love the Iowa State Fair & begin to get excited every February for the annual August event.

17. Not much can compare to freshly washed sheets, Thanksgiving dinner, or wet fall leaves as smells go.

18. I am not tech savvy like my husband but I'm sure I must be good at something else.

19. I am not a rebellious person & I usually don't question authority (unless I know for a fact that it goes against God's plan). I avoid conflict like the plague.

20. I love to mow the lawn or vacuum; it's very orderly & you can see the results.

21. I go on 2 websites almost daily; facebook & MOMYS.com-MOMYS is an acronym for Mothers of Many Young Siblings.

22. I am allergic to almost every environmental thing.

23. I LOVE Bible Study Fellowship. It's is perfect for my learning style.

24. I store all my stress in my neck and thus I go to the chiropractor every 6 weeks...why I have any stress when my life is perfect I'll never know.

25. My favorite sport is baseball-especially when I get to watch my husband play catcher.

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gb said...

Katie, these are 23 random things to love about you. All put together they are part of the who you are! Aren't you amazed what all has happened to you in less than thirty years? You've made the right commitments to right people for the right reasons, and I'm all about enjoying the you on the journey we get to make during the same time and space. Look forward to what's ahead and how to get there!