Thursday, June 17, 2010

Naming Lovies

If any of you have ever read Ramon Quimby books, you might have read that Ramona names her doll Chevrolet because she thinks it's beautiful! Well, my kids name EVERYTHING! I figured I should write my favorites down before they are a distant memory & maybe you'll think they are as cute as I do.

Our van is named Speedy & the Suburban is Burt. Our RV is Winnie (Winnebago)
Corbin's stuffed penguin is named Baby Jesus.
Julia named her first dolly Saya (I call Sage Isaiah Say-Zaya sometimes), her white horse with purple mane is named Spatula and every other dolly is named Sarah.
Sage names all his hundreds of stuffed animals but my favorite was his penguin Brain Freeze.

I'll think of more later

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