Thursday, June 3, 2010

Baby birds!

Two days ago, Corbin proceeded across the yard, then the patio, & up the steps to the sliding glass door with his hand outstretched & a huge grin on his sweet little 2 year old face. As he reached the patio door, the treasure I assumed was a rock fell in between the steps & the edge of the house which caused Corbin to begin to cry. As I tried to peer into the dim crack I realized that it was not a rock but a featherless baby bird. (This was not the first time he'd brought me a baby bird. He brought me one a couple of weeks ago that was the size of my finger.) After determining that he was in fact dead, I tried to console my baby & explain things. Then, yesterday we were watching out the window & a robin was SITTING in the grass. I've never seen a robin sit in the grass before. Well, later last night we were in the yard having a picnic dinner & we found another baby bird. He was still alive so it dawned on me that the mother robin must have been sitting on her baby trying to keep it warm. We live in a new subdivision which used to be a corn field so we don't have any mature trees in our yard & there are no nests in the ones we do have so it is a mystery to me how we keep finding baby birds in our yard. My father in law & Jeremy think they're blowing into our yard; possibly from the roof. So, this morning I went out to bury the baby bird before the kids got outside & I found another one. Good grief. I know this sounds ridiculous but I just can't stop thinking about that poor mama bird.She was the first thought I had when I woke up this morning (& I don't think in the morning until after 9 but I was up at 530am!) If all these babies were hers she has got to be heartbroken & at the same time I really hope she learns that building a nest on my 25' tall roof is a bad idea because I don't think I can take this next summer too.

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