Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sage is 9!

Isn't he getting handsome! I can't believe he's 9! He is only 12 inches from my height and he has calculated he'll pass me when he's 12 & I think he could be right! He loves all things imaginative & right now his focus is on a tv character named Ben 10. Ben is a 10yr old boy who's life is changed forever when he comes in contact with a watch looking thing that changes him into 10 different aliens with various strengths & weaknesses. We've been spending all our allowances on action figures, books, videos, coloring books, etc. Plus, all computer time is spent watching episodes & developing games with Ben in them. He is somewhat obssessive about things which will someday translate into great passions in his adult life. I pray that a very personal relationship with his Savior is one of those adult passions. If he continues on this way, there will be no stopping him in whatever he pursues!
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