Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sage made a birthday limmerick

There once was a boy named Sage
Who liked to stand on a stage
He sang many a song
Til his voice was all gone.
Now he writes all the songs on a page.

There once was a sister named Celeste
Who turned out to be the best
Her brother named Sage
Sang a song from a page
And put her to sleep in her nest.

There once was a woman named Katie
She turned out to be quite a lady.
Her first baby boy was born on a stage
Where she quickly named him Sage
And taught him not to be afraidy.

There once was a man named Jeremy
Who asked Katie, "Will you marry me?"
Together they birthed a son named Sage.
They kept him in their very fine cage
Until the dear boys said, "Carry me."
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